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U.S. (858) 352-9123    or     M.X. Cell: (624) 182 4924

U.S. (858) 352-9123

M.X. Cell (624) 182 4924



Cellular phones


As for your personal cell phone, you can add Mexico coverage (before you depart)

to your U.S. or canadian phone plan, while you vacation down here.


Its cheap, especially getting it only for the week you are here.




Verizon Cellular


$15 per month to add Mexico coverage for your phone calls (pro-rated for 1 week is $4)


$60 per month for data and e-mail (pro-rated for 1 week is $15)


What you have to do BEFORE you depart.


    1) Call your cellular carrier

    2) Ask for the details of adding Mexico to your coverage

    3) PROGRAM your phone BEFORE you depart


If you have any question, feel free to call me.


(not all carriers may offer this service. I was told AT&T does not have a plan)




Things to do if you DON’T get the phone/data package.


************ Remove your PASSWORD from your e-mail log-on***************


-         This way, you won’t receive e-mails by mistake


-         Don’t use the internet browser


-         TXT (SMS) messages are usually .25 cents to receive, $1.00 to send